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Eden Design is a lighting manufacturer, based in Belgium, that operates in over 50 countries worldwide. Together with a team of renowned designers, Eden Design aims to find the perfect balance between technological innovation and modern design. The result is a variety of products with a timeless look that offer advanced technological solutions. Eden Design has won multiple design awards, and was the first to introduce magnetic LED track systems to the global market. 



Eden Design


°On Line is a low voltage magnetic track system that houses ambient and accent LED modules. The On Line range combines timeless design with technological convenience. Its magnetic feature offers the flexibility to move, increase and decrease light distribution across work and living spaces.

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Eden Design


°Led Line offers a continuous line of light. Each led module can be cut per 3.15 inches, creating endless design opportunities. The °Led Lines can be recessed, surface mounted or pendant, and is available in 3 different colors.


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Eden Design


°Bloc is a linear lighting system that houses interchangeable modules that clip onto a surface mounted or pending track system. The modules are available in a variety of high quality materials and are customizable, so you can create your own mix of materials to match the interior of your work or living space.

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